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Ni-MH: The Long Life Battery!

For today’s lifestyles, the main attribute to consider is mobility. Advanced electronic devices such as portable computers and cell phones allow people to perform much more effectively than in the past. With mobility comes the increased need for portable power sources.

Fortunately, this advancement in electronics is matched with improvements in batteries that power these devices. Ni-MH batteries provide much more power than the Ni-Cd batteries and also eliminate any concerns on using heavy metals in the making of these cells. The exciting new technology used in the sealed Ni-MH rechargeable batteries provides optimum results for battery-powered devices, when it comes to performance and environmental friendliness.

Introduced to the commercial market in 1988, the Ni-MH battery is still at an early stage of maturity, but has already shown to be an attractive power source for today’s devices.

There are many benefits of Ni-MH batteries, like a higher energy density, which is almost 40% more than the nickel-cadmium batteries. This increase in energy density helps with providing longer run times, which means longer service life than ordinary batteries of the identical size. They also charge much faster, in approximately one hour. Their safety to use and designed to withstand a number of abusive conditions in consumer devices. Unlike the Ni-Cd batteries and other battery systems, they are environmental friendly, as there isn't any fear of cadmium, mercury or lead toxicity.

Today, the Ni-MH battery is hugely popular with high-end portable electronic devices where the performance of the battery translates into run-time, the industry major consideration for a consumer and influences their decision in purchasing product. The reduced influence also play a huge role.

Ni-MH batteries act like Ni-Cd batteries as they use the same technology. The only difference is they use hydrogen-absorbing negative electrode rather than the cadmium-based electrode used in Ni-Cd. This small change increases the electrical capacity of the battery in addition to eliminates the toxicity problem. The problem of “memory” does not exist in the Ni-MH batteries, as there isn't any cadmium used.

These batteries are designed to ensure maximum safety with a safety vent, to avoid build up of pressure in the event of coming in contact with high temperature, charged excessively or abused in other ways. They may also be used in any position and the only maintenance that is needed is to keep them dry and clean while in use plus storage. Whether stored when charged or discharged, nothing happens to these batteries.

Even so these batteries do have a finite lifespan, however before you throw them out checkout this highly recommended  guide to Recondition Old Batteries you may be able to give them a new lease of life.

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