recondition old batteries


Why we Should all Recondition Old Batteries

All over the planet there is a growing need for acquiring the ability to  recondition batteries  of all types.  In the USA these batteries are expensive to replace with new ones and there will be an ever increasing market for  reconditioned batteries.  One beneficial result of this need is the fact that people with the knowledge required to restore and recondition these batteries are in ever greater demand. You could build a profitable business marketing these skills

Battery reconditioning is not limited to automobile batteries.  You can restore the golf carts and fork lift batteries and most other rechargeable batteries used in the home.  If you use electrical tools, have an electric vehicle, power your home with solar panels or wind turbines you will have a great need for rechargeable batteries, and you will save yourself and your clients lots of money by reconditioning batteries, as opposed to the purchase of new expensive one.

Battery  degradation is most often caused by sulfation, which is the result of sulfur crystalizing on is lead plates, thereby generating an electric charge.  When restore car batteries, (and others that use this lead acid technology,) you are actually breaking down crystals of sulfur and therefore reducing its ability to generate electric charge.  This process can work for as many as five times until you finally need to renew the battery. .

The battery rebuilding, repairing and recharging business is one business that has seen steady growth in the recent years.  People have their car batteries rebuilt, repaired and recharged instead of purchasing a new one.  This kind of business helps not just car owners but users of almost any kind of battery operated devices to spend less rather than replace their batteries in the event the batteries are still capable of being renovated.  This is a way to help  battery  owners save more money rather than spend more. Its a win win situation, by reconditioning batteries rather than consigning them to landfill you have happy customers, you will make money, and the planet is saved too!